The "new years resolution" season is coming to an end (finally), and it is time to chill for a bit! We live in an overachieving society full of setting goals, boosting productivity, going out of our comfort zones, and always trying something new. That is great! It motivates us to be better and have a great life, but we forget to relax and just "be." So here are some tips for slowing down, and don't push yourself too hard. 



Realistic expectations

First of all, have realistic expectations for yourself. No! It is not possible to study, to have 3 jobs, take care of your living place, read all the books you are interested in, and still have time for your friends and family. Be harsh and realistically think about your capacity before you sign up for another project.

Get some ME time

When was the last time you cooked your comfort meal for yourself? Took a bath? Or make yourself tea and read your favourite book? Remember to take care of yourself. 

Reward yourself

Every little thing counts! You can reward yourself just for getting up! Appreciating the things you do helps you stay positive and motivated for the challenges you face. 

Stretch yourself

Most of the new year's resolutions are connected to sport and movement, which is great. But remember, not everybody can start running every other day or go to the fitness centre regularly. So start slow, stretch for a bit every day, get up from that computer and just roll your head, unclench your jaw and stretch that back hurting from sitting in front of your computer all day. 

Have a date

And I don't mean exclusively romantic dates. Just take yourself, your friend or your partner out, for dinner, to the theatre, something special. 

Plan your free time

Being a student, volunteer and working are really time-consuming. Even though we would love to care for ourselves, we simply don't make time for it. So next time, you fill your calendar to the top, try to input an evening just for you, no job, no school, just you recharging your battery. Be non-negotiable! It is as essential as the project you are working on. 

10 minutes in the sun and fresh air

Winter is not an ideal time to sunbathe, but even the fresh air can help a lot. Let's get out of our shells, breathe fresh air, and catch some vitamin D. 


Valerie Ulíková