Who are we?

  • International student club based at the University of South Bohemia (USB)
  • A team of volunteers who always try to do their best
  • But most importantly we are a welcoming family for everyone regardless their nationality, religion, gender etc.


Once you come to Budějce, as we locals call our lovely city (and you’ll soon do the same), you will discover a small city with a big heart. And that’s basically the paattern people live by over here.

Even though our university is the centre of education and research in the South Bohemian region, it still remains a small institution, which offers you the greatest advantage of a friendly atmosphere where you as a student are much more than just an evidence number as even your teachers do remember your name.

And we are glad to follow the example of our alma mater as we are trying to create the same friendly and cosy surroundings even for our international students, who possibly might struggle a bit when they first come to the new country and even the correct pronunciation of České Budějovice seems to be a bit too complicated.


Are you a Czech student interested in getting to know new friends and developing international milieu at the university? Or perhaps an international student who is about to come at the USB and looks for a helping hand? In either case, make sure to check out our website, facebook page or even Instagram to find more about how you can get involved, how to get your Czech Buddy or even how to become one.


If you are yet just considering studying at the University of South Bohemia, feel free to ask us any questions you may have. However, please note that we are not by any means an official department of the university, therefore we cannot help you with the official paperwork or admission. You can read all the necessary information at the official university website here.