Hello and welcome to our ESN VSTE Budweis section page. Down below you can find all the useful information who we are, what we do and why should you join us or at least contact us.

Who we are?

  • The biggest student organization at the Institute of Technology and Business in Budweis (VŠTE) since 2012.
  • We are a bunch of volunteers having some fun together with incoming Erasmus students.
  • We are doing the best to improve campus life in our small university.

Want to meet us?

As an incoming Erasmus student, you will always have one person from our section as a Buddy, who will be helping you with your arrival and during the whole semester. If you would like to meet us all, well...You can do it during the Introduction Week, which is held by our ESN section and is tailor-made for you. After that, if you find us "quite okay to hang out with", you can participate in the beautiful events and activities we have prepared for you throughout the semester. Just come and see! Do not hesitate to contact us either via email or Facebook.

Want to join us?

Do you like what you see here? Why not join us? We are always looking for new family members. It does not matter who you are or if you have time only for a few hours a day, we will always be happy to find you a comfortable spot. There are many ways you can help:


  • Mission: Help incoming Erasmus students with their university and daily struggles.
  • Basically free language course.

Involved people

  • Mission: Event organization, Finance, Project management, Leadership, Communication, IT management, etc.
  • For those who always like to do a little bit more.

Do not hesitate to contact us either via email or Facebook.

See you in our section office in building D, room number 501 (main campus). For more visit our website.