We would like to greet you on page about our section ESN VUT Brno.

Who we are

  • The field of our functioning is mainly at Brno University of Technology

  • We love to cooperate with other sections, most frequently with ESN MENDELU Brno and ESN MUNI Brno and together we make ESN Brno United - because power is in numbers

  • We're trying to evolve ourselves nonstop - so if you like to move forward, or you want to learn something, you're welcome to join us


What else should you know?

We love the entertainment of many kinds, like parties, parties, parties, and parties. Just kidding :D

It is sure that we love parties, but we also enjoy going on trips, doing sports, community events, and much more.
We have lovely members, so we're trying to give them the best care.
Oh, and our mascot is Panda, and we really like them.
But why? There are a few stories and it's up to you to find them out.


Coming to Brno for Erasmus?

The first event that awaits you when you come to Brno is the Welcome Week. During this week that takes place right before the beginning of the semester, you will get to know Brno and make new friends. But that is only the beginning. Over the course of the year, you can go with us to the caves in Moravský Kras, to the cities like Kroměříž and Olomouc and parties in our Yacht club near the dorms are on weekly bases. Speaking of parties, did you know that we hold parties on a boat or in a tram? Also, in spring we organise the International Students Ball. Don’t feel like partying? You can join one of our many Causes related events like Erasmus in Schools where you can meet High School students and tell them your Erasmus story, collecting rubbish around our dorms or Presentations of Nations where you can find out something more about students from other countries, and a lot more!

Are you coming to Brno and would you like someone from the locals to help you out? Register to Fiesta and a Buddy will be assigned to you!



Here are the links for our social media if you want to be up to date


Wanna join us?

How to get involved?

There are many things to do in our section. Since our primary goal is to help exchange students, we need a lot of buddies to help the newcomers get oriented. We also organise a lot of events throughout the year for which there are our active members - anything from the Presentation of Nations to the Tram Party.


  • Someone who takes care of foreign students both before and after the arrival.

  • Usually, you become friends, and later you help your exchange student explore the city, show him/her the best places to eat, drink & have fun, there is no limit!

  • Check out our cool Buddy Guide for more information here.

How can I become a Buddy?

  • It’s pretty easy, just click here to register in the Fiesta System and wait for more information to be able to pick up your own student.

  • Finally you can come to our Panda Point (“office” or rather a fun place) to receive your ESNcard

Do you want to get in touch with us personally? That's great! We organise a teambuilding each semester, and we also meet regularly on Active Members Meetings each Monday where all the buddies are more than welcome to come.

Wanna contact us?